Commercial And Residential Pest Control Services In Salem, OR

Pests in your home or business can be a stressful and dangerous experience. Pests carry potential health risks for you and your family or team. They can also cause damage to furniture, walls, and other items on the property. The key to staying safe is to take a proactive approach to pest control with professional help from our team at AAA Pest Exterminators

We offer commercial and residential pest control services that will keep your home or business free of pests. 


We'll Help You Keep Your Property Pest Free

We all want to enjoy a home or business free of pests. Our exterminators in Salem, Oregon can help you have one. Here are our pest control services:

Wood Destroyers

We can help you identify and prevent termites, carpenter ants, and wood beetles from taking over your property. Our technicians are highly experienced in recognizing the signs of an infestation. We use the latest treatments to keep them away for good.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs can be difficult to spot and eliminate. At AAA Pest Exterminators, we have the tools and experience to identify bed bugs and provide effective treatments to eradicate them from your property.

Small Ants

We specialize in small and pest control for pavement, carpenters, and other tiny ants. Our team of technicians can help you eliminate the problem quickly and efficiently, so you can enjoy a pest-free home or business.

Mice & Rats

Mice and rats are common pests that can be difficult to eliminate. At AAA Pest Exterminators, we specialize in identifying and eradicating mice and rat infestations. We use the latest treatments to ensure your property is pest-free.


Spiders can be a nuisance but also carry potential health risks. We offer spider control services to identify and safely remove spiders from your property.

Stink Bugs / Box Elder Bugs

Stink bugs and box elder bugs are common pests that invade homes and businesses in Salem, OR. Our team of technicians has the tools to get rid of them so you can enjoy your property.

General Pests

No matter the pest problem, AAA Pest Exterminators is here to help. We use state-of-the-art treatments and techniques to eliminate pests from your property.

Keep Your Property Clean With Our Help

Don't let pests put you at risk! If you're looking for reliable residential or commercial pest control in Salem, Oregon, look no further than AAA Pest Exterminators. Our team of experienced exterminators is here to help keep you safe. We'll use our top-of-the-line extermination methods to meet your unique needs.

Contact us today for more information, or set up an appointment! We look forward to hearing from you soon!