Winter Mice Problems

Pest Control in Marion County, OregonAs temperatures drop, this time of year, a lot of the outside pests become inside pests, as they are seeking a warmer place to live and a constant food source. The most invasive of these pests tend to be mice. They set up nests in your walls and other dark, warm, quiet areas of your house including storage areas, cabinets, and food pantries. Mice will chew up clothing, bedding, and documents, destroying these important and valuable items to create a comfortable nest in which to live and breed. As if the damage that mice can do to your home isn’t enough, it’s important to note the adverse effects these rodents can have on your health, as they can carry any number of diseases that do infect humans.

The average female mouse can give birth to up to 60 offspring in a single year with approximately seven mice per litter. At the first sign of mice, it is essential to contact the professionals to evaluate the severity of your infestation and determine how the mice may be getting into your home. All a mouse needs is an opening the size of a dime to gain access, so their point of entry may not be obvious.

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