Why Pests are Attracted to Leaky Pipes

Pest Control ServicesA water leak may not be apparent to you, but it could be inviting pests of all sorts who can easily find it. Perhaps it’s a small and steady drip under the kitchen sink, one that’s hardly noticeable. It doesn’t have to be large to provide the moisture that many pests need to survive.

Insects and other sorts of unwelcome guests are attracted to leaky pipes for a very simple reason — they require water to live. Take away the water source, and it has a dramatic impact on the number of insects and other pests in the area. Suppose you do find a leak that’s providing a watering hole for a bunch of pests. What do you do?

The first thing you do is get rid of the leak. Find a way to handle it yourself or contact a plumber to take care of it, but ensure the leak is repaired. When it is, your home will be much more unwelcoming to pests. However, if pests have already begun to invade, call an exterminator, too.

Trust Our Professional Pest Extermination Services

Using professional pest control services, like the ones we provide at AAA Pest Exterminators, Inc., is a very effective way to find areas like this that are attracting unwelcome visitors. Years of experience allow efficient exterminators to know where to look to find the root of your insect problem and to determine the best way to deal with it.