Spider Pests Infestation In Your Property

Spider Pest ControlWhen it comes to spiders, most of us don’t take time to stop and identify them before running for a shoe or rolled-up magazine. However, if you’ve noticed more than a few spiders lurking around your home or business, it may be worth your time to move in for a closer look. Knowing how to identify spiders can help you protect your family or workers if someone is bitten.

First things first: familiarize yourself with the three most common venomous spiders in the United States. Most people can identify the black widow by its distinctive red hourglass marking, but what about brown recluses? Brown spiders are fairly common, but you’ll know the recluse by the long brown violin shape on its back. Hobo spiders are also brown, but the marbling on their backs is a dead giveaway.

Next, when you kill a spider on your property (one of the above or otherwise), look around for webs nearby. If and when you find a web, check carefully for egg sacs. Don’t try to remove the sac yourself; instead, enlist the help of a spider pest control professional. This is the simplest way to prevent an infestation from occurring.

Finally, if you keep finding venomous spiders around your home or business, work with your pest control provider to eliminate points of entry. Spiders can get into your building through the tiniest of gaps. Seal them with caulk or take a screwdriver and tighten loose windows and doors.