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When to Hire a Pest Control Professional

Pest Control ServicesMost of us are comfortable handling a bug or two. After all, who among us hasn’t chased down (and consequently flushed) an unwelcome spider or roach? When pests start to get a little too comfortable on your property, it may be time to consider contacting a professional.

A company that specializes in pest control services has the experience and equipment needed to remove insects and prevent them from returning in the future. In fact, pest control professionals generally have access to more powerful insect solutions than are commonly available in stores, making it easier to nip infestations in the bud.

Signs You Could Use the Extra Manpower

  • The insects pose a health and safety risk. Some bugs are just ugly. Others pack a mean bite that can cause allergic reactions, spread infections, or even transmit diseases. Don’t put yourself, your family, or your employees at risk–leave the work to a professional.
  • You’re spending excessive time and money. Would you rather spend hundreds of dollars and hours of your own time to eliminate a persistent bug problem, or pay for one-time guaranteed pest control services from a professional?
  • The infestation is out of control. Again, one or two bugs are no big deal for most people. When your home or business is dealing with an infestation–that is to say, large numbers of bugs that just keep coming – it’s time to bring in the pros.


Why Pests are Attracted to Leaky Pipes

Pest Control ServicesA water leak may not be apparent to you, but it could be inviting pests of all sorts who can easily find it. Perhaps it’s a small and steady drip under the kitchen sink, one that’s hardly noticeable. It doesn’t have to be large to provide the moisture that many pests need to survive.

Insects and other sorts of unwelcome guests are attracted to leaky pipes for a very simple reason — they require water to live. Take away the water source, and it has a dramatic impact on the number of insects and other pests in the area. Suppose you do find a leak that’s providing a watering hole for a bunch of pests. What do you do?

The first thing you do is get rid of the leak. Find a way to handle it yourself or contact a plumber to take care of it, but ensure the leak is repaired. When it is, your home will be much more unwelcoming to pests. However, if pests have already begun to invade, call an exterminator, too.

Trust Our Professional Pest Extermination Services

Using professional pest control services, like the ones we provide at AAA Pest Exterminators, Inc., is a very effective way to find areas like this that are attracting unwelcome visitors. Years of experience allow efficient exterminators to know where to look to find the root of your insect problem and to determine the best way to deal with it.

Common Summer Pest Problems

Pest Control ServicesIt’s summer, and the living is easy. Unfortunately, it’s also the time that insects and pests thrive in Oregon. Think about how often you see bugs crawling or flying around, and you will see the truth in this statement.

Many pests are dormant or much less active in the fall and winter months, but, just like people, they are more active as the weather improves. It pays to be vigilant when the temperatures rise to catch any insect problems before they become an infestation.

Some insects, like the box elder bug, tend to overwinter in cracks and crevices in a house and make their presence known when the temperatures rise. Carpenter ants are a threat to take into account year-round but are even more prevalent during the summer.

Bees and bed bugs are on the move with the warm temperatures and can cause problems for unlucky homeowners, but the good news is that our team at AAA Pest Exterminators, Inc. provides pest control services to take care of every type of common problem you might encounter.

Let The Hassle To The Experts

Don’t spend the summer months inside battling bugs or forsake enjoying your yard because the endless fight with hornets is too challenging. Leave it to the pros to give you the freedom you crave to enjoy the summer.

Discover Where Ants are Hiding in Your Bathroom

Pest Control ServicesNobody wants to deal with ants when they are in the bathroom. However, ants thrive in moist areas, and bathrooms are one of their favorite spots. Ants are drawn to the hair and dead skin cells often found in bathrooms, as well as certain odors common to these spaces. Make sure your bathroom is safe by checking for ants and then calling for pest control services.

Any crack or crevice is perfect for ants to crawl into. Check all the cracks in your bathroom and seal them up if possible. Some ant species like to build their nests underneath your bathroom tile or under your sink. When you spot an ant in your room, follow its path to see where it returns to; that is likely where the colony is. Are you still not sure where the ants are hiding? Make an appointment with an exterminator for a professional inspection.

Keep Ants Away From Your Property With Us

Fully sealing your bathroom and eliminating standing water are the best ways to discourage ants from making their home there. However, if your property is already infested, you can count on the team at AAA Pest Exterminators, Inc., to provide you with exceptional pest control services. We will get rid of the insects for you.

Dealing with Boxelder Bugs

Pest Control ServicesHave you seen little black bugs with red or orange markings on their backs scurrying around your home? You may be dealing with boxelder bugs. These troublesome little creatures love to sneak into your house via insulated cracks and crevices. These pests come out of hibernation in spring and start feeding on trees and invading homes in our area.

As pests in the home, these creatures are known for their unpleasant odor and leaving fecal matter that can stain fabric with reddish-orange marks. They do not bite, but they have been known to puncture the skin occasionally. These punctures can cause irritation and leave marks similar to mosquito bites.

If you find these creatures in the house, you should not try to take care of them yourself. The smell can attract further pests. Instead, you want to make sure that all cracks are sealed in your home. You can also install door sweeps to prevent them from walking through your front door.

AAA Pest Exterminators will Keep The Pests Away

Call the team at AAA Pest Exterminators, Inc., when you need help with these bugs. Our team has been providing pest control services throughout the area for many years. In addition to getting rid of boxelder bugs, our staff will also help you with rodents, ants, and additional pests.


How Termites Attack Your Property

Pest Control ServicesAs a homeowner, it is likely that you will have to deal with termite issues. We understand your frustrations, so the team AAA Pest Exterminators, Inc., is working hard to ensure that you can take care of these troublesome pests. These creatures can wreak havoc on your home, so it’s essential that you take every step possible to stop them from getting into your home.

Termites travel from structure to structure, searching for their next meal. As the year continues, these creatures will form swarms that will effectively make new colonies. During the late summer, termites will grow wings, and half the swarm will fly away to find new food sources. Once they have discovered the food source, these termites will lose their wings and start a new colony. The place that the termites land is entirely random, which means it could be your home or business. If they can find a weak point in your structure, they will start working on your property.

Get Rid Of Termites With No Hassles

The easiest way to put a stop to termite issues is to hire a professional who can provide you with yearly termite inspection services. The dedicated team of specialists at our business is available to assist you when you need pest control services. You can call us in Salem, OR, at (503) 362-4539 for more information about our services.

Common Pests in Fall and Winter

Pest Control ServicesFall is here, and winter is right around the corner. Pest control may seem like a thing you deal with in the warmer months, but there are still many creatures you have to deal with during the cold. Here are some of the common pests you have to look out for this season:

  • Roaches – Roaches will do what they can to find warm spaces in your home. They like to hide in baseboards, under the sink, and in any spots that give off warmth. You should be on the lookout in these spaces when you notice signs of roaches in your home before it becomes a more significant problem.
  • Ants – Did you know that ants are often a problem all year long in Oregon? Carpenter ants are perhaps one of the worst problems, as they are particularly destructive to your home. Look for piles of wood shavings in your home, as well as keep an eye out in basements and attics.
  • Rodents – Mice and rats are just searching for ways to get indoors during the cold months. By keeping your lawn maintained, sealing off potential entry points in your home, and storing your food in containers at all times, you will prevent infestations.

Get Rid Of Pests With Us!

When it comes to pest control services in Salem, OR, and the surrounding areas, you can trust the team at AAA Pest Exterminators, Inc., to assist you. Our team is ready to help you get rid of all pests in your home.

Spotting Pests In Your Home

Pest Control ServicesPests will do whatever it takes to move into your home. Take a look at this list of spots you should look at when you are dealing with problems in your home:

  • Under the Oven – Can you remember the last time you cleaned under your oven? Many of us ignore this spot. This area in your kitchen usually traps crumbs, which is sure to attract any possible pests. If you check this spot and do not see any pests, then you should consider cleaning it anyway.
  • Dry Food Storage Spots – Whether you have a large pantry or a small cabinet where you keep your dry food, pests are sure to move into these spots. It would help if you took some time to clean out old cereal, nearly empty bags of rice, and any other food you will not be eating shortly to stop infestations.
  • Junk Collections – From piles of mail to small towers of toys, every homeowner is bound to have a junk collection in the home at some point. Pests can hide under these piles for months without anyone

Let The Experts Handle Your Pest Infestations!

Did you find pests while checking out these spots in your home? If the answer is yes, you can count on the team at AAA Pest Exterminators, Inc., to help you. We provide exceptional pest control services in Salem and the surrounding areas.


Three Signs of a Rodent in Your Home

Do you think a mouse or a rat is taking up residence in your home? If you answered yes to this question, then take a look at these three signs that you may have a new house guest:

  • Nests – Take some time to look in the more secluded and dark areas of your home, such as the attic, your garage, or rooms that do not have any windows. Rodents prefer these areas and will typically set up a nest in the corner using shredded paper and pieces of fabric.
  • Something Going Bump in the Night – Are you hearing strange sounds in the night? Before you contact an exorcist, you should pay attention to these sounds. Mice and rats will get into your walls and make strange scratching noises as they explore their new home.
  • Droppings – One of the most visible signs that a rat or mouse has moved in is rodent droppings. These creatures tend to leave small, dry pellets behind in places where they eat. Check your pantry, kitchen cabinet, and any other areas where you are storing food.

Let The Experts Take Care

Contact the team at AAA Pest Exterminators, Inc., when you are seeking pest control services in Salem, Oregon. Our dedicated team will help you get rid of mice and rats, as well as ants, termites, spiders, and bed bugs.



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Pest Control ServicesAre you seeking dependable pest control services in Salem, Albany, Dallas, or Woodburn? You can count on the dedicated team at AAA Pest Exterminators, Inc., to assist you. Whether you are seeking long-term services or need help with a one-time pest removal service, you can rest assured that our talented team will be able to assist you.

For more than 20 years, our owner has been providing pest control services to residential and commercial clients throughout the community. After working with some of the best veterans in the industry, he decided to start this business in 1997 to offer his services directly to the people of Salem and the surrounding communities. We are known for being honest and always providing you with a free estimate when you call us for pest removal services. Once we arrive at your location, we will take action and get rid of your pests as soon as possible.

Let Our Pest Extermination Services Handle Your Issues

Contact us today at (503) 362-4539 when you need help with pests in Salem, OR. We can assist you with termites, ants, mice, and rats, as well as spiders, stink bugs, bees, wasps, and cockroaches. All you have to do is let us know what services you need and we will get to work for you.