How to Tell a Rat is in Your Home

Rat Exterminator in Salem, ORHaving a rat in your home doesn’t just take its toll on your overall comfort, but it is also a big health risk. Rodents can spread disease, destroy cabinets and walls, contaminate food, and generally make your house a place you do not want to be.

Because they can breed quickly, it is important to notice any signs that you have a rodent in your home and then to call your rat exterminator in Salem, OR.

Some of the different signs to look for include

  • Droppings – Rat droppings are a sure sign of a rodent intruder. Old droppings tend to be hard and crumby while new ones are shiny and putty-like in texture. Varying feces sizes can indicate an infestation as it shows that both adults and juveniles are present.
  • Urine Odors –A rat’s urine has a strong, musky odor. If you are dealing with an infestation, this odor will be easy to smell.
  • Gnawed Holes – A rat will typically gnaw holes that are about the size of a quarter. These holes feature rough torn edges.
  • Rodent Runways – These runways are typically found along interior walls, ledges, electrical wires, building foundations, pipes, tree branches, conduits, and fence rails.
  • Scampering Noises – Rats typically run around at night. You will most likely hear scratching and scampering sounds as they run inside walls and across floors.
  • Unusual Pet Behavior – If you have a pet and they start to act unusual it might be because they smell or hear a rat in your house. This behavior can include appearing extremely alert, pawing at spaces beneath your appliances or furniture, or barking at walls.