Preparing for Winter Bugs

Salem Pest ManagementWhen the weather turns cold, insects start looking for warm places to hide. In many cases, the closest option available is your property – that’s why autumn and winter tend to bring sudden infestations in Salem. Pest management is essential during this time of year. The good news is that there are several steps you can take to discourage spiders, cockroaches, and even mice from inviting themselves into your home.

Here Are Just a Few

  1. Ensure your home is airtight. The average home offers insects and pest animals many points of access. Make sure your house is sealed up before the weather turns seriously cold. Places to check include utility entrance points, plus weather stripping around windows and doors.
  2. Check for leaks around the house. Pests are attracted to warm locations with convenient water access. Look around your bathrooms and kitchen for leaks; even the slowest drip can appeal to insects and critters looking for resources during the cold winter months.
  3. Enlist the help of a professional. Extermination companies know what insects and critters love, and as a result, they offer valuable perspectives for winter pest prevention. A professional Salem pest management company can provide personalized advice for pest-proofing your home.