Mouse and Rat Exterminator in Salem, OR

Remove the rodents in your home by choosing AAA Pest Exterminators, Inc. for pest control services. Rats and mice can pose significant problems for home and business owners. Even though they may be cute to keep as pets, in the wild, they are disease-ridden animals that cause damage and even bring rodent diseases. Whether your structure is near the woods, by the river, or in the city, it is not immune to the invasion of rodents. Rely on our mouse and rat exterminator in Salem, OR, to address all of your rodent problems. Trust our local pest contractors in Salem OR and our pest control services!

Fast & Effective Rodent Control

Save time and energy by trusting our pest control company for rodent trapping and removal. We know how to handle the situation quickly and effectively. Having more than 20 years of experience providing pest control in Salem, Oregon, we know the right techniques to catch and remove rats and house mice. Because rodent control can sometimes be difficult, it’s always best to use a pest management professional for the job. We use reliable methods that ensure your home or business is free of rodents.

How to Catch a Rat!

Rats are actually very smart animals. They are cautious and usually recognize a trap when they see one. Most of the time, you can’t simply lay a basic trap and expect to catch them. We use special traps and techniques that are reliable. From small to big rats, we catch them all. Don’t try to trap a rat by yourself. We are experts at rat trapping. Let us do it for you!

Reliable Mice Removal

You may like a cute white mouse, but a wild mouse in your house is a different story. In fact, since mice are rapid breeders, you could end up with many rodents running around in a short period of time. Altogether, these rodents are very destructive to your home. At the same time, they contaminate surfaces with their urine and feces. Therefore, mice removal is essential to keep your home free from disease and damage.

Are Rodents Living in Your Building?

Rodents are agile, smart, and tricky to catch. Rat and mouse removal can be very difficult if you do not use the right method—or have the right experience. Fortunately, we have been providing this service for many years. If you have a rodent in your home or business, we can completely remove them and prevent them from returning.

Contact us for an inspection when you suspect a family of rodents has taken up residence in your home or business. We proudly serve residential and commercial customers throughout Salem, OR, and the surrounding areas. When you hire our pest control services, you’re in good hands!