Finding Wood-Destroying Bugs in Your Flooring

Wood-Destroying Bugs in Woodburn, ORWood-destroying bugs in Woodburn, OR, are a significant threat to both homeowners and commercial property owners. These tiny pests – which include carpenter ants, beetles, and termites – invade your property silently and then proceed to eat away at the wood in your home undetected until it is too late. These devastating insects are the cause for more than $1 billion a year in property damage, which is why it is crucial to defend yourself against them.

So how do you know if you have a wood-destroying bug in your home? There are some subtle clues to look for, which change depending on the type of insect that has invaded your property. Take a look below for some

How to find out if you have pests

  • Termites – Poke your wood floors with a screwdriver. If you notice that the tip goes in easily, or if you hear a hollow sound when you tap it, that means you will need to call a pest control agent to inspect your property.
  • Carpenter Ants – Be on the lookout for “frass,” which is a mixture of fecal matter and wood shavings, around your floorboards. Additionally, during spring, it isn’t uncommon to see swarmers out and about.
  • Carpenter Bees – These bees are likely to be found hovering around your deck, siding, or eaves.
  • Powderpost Beetles – If you find powdery deposits of frass or pinhead-sized holes in your wood, then it is time to contact your pest control agent.