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How to Identify a Carpenter Ant

Carpenter Ants in Woodburn, ORSome people may like to joke about carpenter ants running around with tiny hammers and saws, but if you have a problem with them in your home or business, it’s safe to say that you think it’s no laughing matter. They are very destructive pests which are hard to control and eliminate.

How do you know if the ants you see scurrying around your property are carpenter ants or some other species? There are a few tell-tale signs that will give you an answer, and we’ll tell you what to look for here.

Look for piles of wood shavings, like sawdust, around your door jambs and windows. If you hear noises inside your walls, this may indicate the presence of carpenter ants as well. If you tap on wood around your home and it has a hollow sound, then that’s another sign that these ants have been at work.

Their physical appearance is not remarkable but is somewhat easy to identify. They are mid-size with a length of between one-quarter to one-half of an inch. As far as coloring goes, expect to see them in either black or red or sometimes a combination of the two.

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Carpenter ants in Woodburn, OR, are persistent and pervasive intruders that are best eliminated by professionals like ours at AAA Pest Exterminators, Inc., who have the experience, skills, and training to do the job effectively and quickly.

What Makes Termites Attack a Home

Termites in Dallas, ORIf you live in a concrete cottage, or a steel chalet, you wouldn’t have to worry about termites. But since most of us live in houses made of wood, these invasive and destructive pests are a prime concern. So, what makes a termite decide to attack your home?

Well, the very fact that it’s made of, or at least contains a lot of, wood makes it very attractive to these insects, such as the dampwood termite and subterranean termites. However, there’s more to it than that.

Moisture attracts pests of all sorts and termites in Dallas, OR, are no exception. As their name suggests, dampwood termites prefer damp conditions, but their counterparts, subterranean types, are also likely to seek out moisture as well.

These pests of opportunity are also attracted by easy access to buildings. That means they’ll take advantage of shrubs and bushes which are close to homes as an avenue inside. The same applies to firewood, which you may have stacked close to your house.

Not only are termites drawn to houses with overgrown shrubs along their walls and foundations, but they also make use of cracks and gaps in the structure to make their way inside.

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Prevention is the way to go, as it’s much easier to handle termites before they’ve infested your home than after an infestation has begun. Seek out an experienced team like ours at AAA Pest Exterminators, Inc., which is well-equipped to handle both prevention and control.

Why Pests are Attracted to Leaky Pipes

Pest Control ServicesA water leak may not be apparent to you, but it could be inviting pests of all sorts who can easily find it. Perhaps it’s a small and steady drip under the kitchen sink, one that’s hardly noticeable. It doesn’t have to be large to provide the moisture that many pests need to survive.

Insects and other sorts of unwelcome guests are attracted to leaky pipes for a very simple reason — they require water to live. Take away the water source, and it has a dramatic impact on the number of insects and other pests in the area. Suppose you do find a leak that’s providing a watering hole for a bunch of pests. What do you do?

The first thing you do is get rid of the leak. Find a way to handle it yourself or contact a plumber to take care of it, but ensure the leak is repaired. When it is, your home will be much more unwelcoming to pests. However, if pests have already begun to invade, call an exterminator, too.

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Using professional pest control services, like the ones we provide at AAA Pest Exterminators, Inc., is a very effective way to find areas like this that are attracting unwelcome visitors. Years of experience allow efficient exterminators to know where to look to find the root of your insect problem and to determine the best way to deal with it.

Summer Pest Control Tips

Pest Control in Salem, OregonDuring the summer, we’re all on the go a lot more than during the rest of the year. Unfortunately, this applies to insects, rodents, and other unwanted visitors as well. Don’t despair and cringe with visions of ants, spiders, and mice making themselves at home in your abode. We’re going to share a few handy tips on summer pest control in Salem, Oregon.

Ensure your home is free of openings and gaps through which pests can enter. Don’t only focus on large ones as small cracks are inviting to pests as well. For example, take a close look at places where wires and pipes enter your home and ensure those gaps are sealed.

Repair your screens to keep intruders away, especially flying ones like mosquitoes and wasps. Trim or remove shrubs and bushes from around your home. These provide shelter and act as a welcome highway for pests.

If you have a bird feeder on your property, be sure to regularly clean up any spilled seeds so that you’re not dealing with other critters that are looking for a free lunch. Similarly, keep control of pet food. Store it in containers that are durable and hard for pests to get into, like airtight plastic containers or resealable metal cans. Always make sure to clean up any mess that your pet makes around their dish so that insects and rodents aren’t attracted.

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Following these simple tips should help ensure a pest-free summer. However, if you do happen to find yourself with an unwanted invader, don’t panic! Simply get in touch with a pest control professional, like the ones at AAA Pest Exterminators, Inc.